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Mars Atmospheres

My primary project concerns the Martian atmosphere. I analyze, catalog, and diagnose data collected from the MAVEN orbiter's Imaging Ultraviolet Spectograph (IUVS) high resolution echelle channel. This involves running a series of procedures incorporating spacecraft geometry, detector binning schemes, and other properties to plot the H and D Lyman-Alpha emission lines as seen above (the H emission is the large peak you see, while the D emission is the very small spike just to the left of the H line). The x-axis represents the wavelength of the light in angstroms and the y-axis represents the intensity of the emission line in photons/second.

Recently, I've begun to search through the mission data to find possible hot pixels or instances of cosmic ray collisions with the detector, in order for the MAVEN team to more accurately utilize the instrument.

Universe simulation image created by Springel et. al.