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Professional Experience

I'm a senior year undergraduate student majoring in Astronomy and Physics at Boston University. I'm a research assistant for the Planetary Atmospheres and Space Sciences Group at the Center for Space Physics. I'm currently responsible for renovation and upkeep of the group's webpage, and my main project with the group has been working with Project MAVEN echelle data. I've also recently begun diagnosing possible hot pixels on the IUVS instrument. I've previously refit an image reduction pipeline for Jupiter auroral data.

I hope one day to study solar system and planetary formation, evolution, and sciences in some capacity.

I won't claim to be a computer guru but I've taken some CS classes and I'm familiar with programming, operating systems, computer hardware, and web servers. I also find it fun to learn more about computing in my personal time.

This webpage is running on a Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server, if you're curious.


I'm originally from the Larchmont/Mammaroneck area in the suburbs of NYC. I went to highschool in the Bronx and have been around the city my whole life. My regional pride is so high it gives the ISS high-fives.

In my free time I practice my jazz piano skills, go to a number of concerts, play tabletop games or video games, cook, and watch good movies and TV shows.

I'm the 136st best Mirror's Edge Any% speedrunner in the world. I know I know, could be better :)

Universe simulation image created by Springel et. al.